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Picture Newt GingrichIn tonight’s CNN Republican Debate, CNN’s John King corners Newt Gingrich over his ex-wife’s interview in which she claims 10 years ago Newt asked her to have an “Open Marriage” to allow him to continue an affair with another women. This even after Mr. Gingrich resolved this issue 10 years ago, admitting he was wrong to have the affair and asked for forgiveness from God and his ex-wife.

CNN decided to pose the question anyway since Newt Gingrich is now the front runner in the South Carolina Presidential Primary. Mr. Gingrich called the question “Appalling” and was obviously shocked to hear John King open a Presidential debate with a question about his previous marriage. The bias presented by CNN for using this type of question to help Barack Obama’s campaign for President is all too familiar.

Since 2008 CNN has taken every opportunity to use their power as a media outlet to help Barack Obama and other Democrats by embarrassing and stretching the truth in reporting of Republican candidates. Earlier today on CNN, Soledad O’Brien said Newt Gingrich was using “racial coding” on the campaign trail and that she supported former President Carter’s comments that Mr. Gingrich has a “subtlety of racism” about him.

The attacks by CNN come at a time when Barack Obama’s approval rating has dropped to 47% which may be the reason for such a negative question being posed to a Republican candidate during a Primary in which he is leading. It is time for the media to report the news and not try to be the news themselves.
News has become the new Reality TV except there is no reality being reported when it comes to politics. CNN is not the only media company slanting the truth to benefit their candidate. MSNBC and to some extent Fox News are all guilty of losing sight of what the public wants to hear – The News!

Video: Newt Gingrich slams trash-talking CNN Journalist John King, in S Carolina Presidential Debate.

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