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Picture of fiberglass inlay kitNew Technology Series Introduces permanent repair products for fiberglass bathtubs. Large cracks and damage to fiberglass bathtub floors is caused by poor support under the bathtub. Stress cracks can turn into larger cracks over the years. Once your fiberglass bathtub floor is damaged from either large cracks or holes, leaking may occur requiring a permanent repair or replacement.

Fiberglass Cracked Bathtub Floor Permanent Repair Inlay Kits are a permanent solution for cracked bathtub floors. Replacing a fiberglass bathtub enclosure can be very expensive when including labor. For under $140 you can repair large holes or cracks in your tub in less then an hour using a fiberglass inlay.

Fiberglass inlays are a semi rigid but fexible mat specifically design to permanently repair the damage while helping to suppot you bathtub floor bottom. Offered by the Bathtub Refinishing Referral Network,, the fiberglass inlay is adhered to your existing bathtub floor by fusion and will last the life of your bathtub.

The non-slip surface will also protect your family from slip and fall accidents in the bathtub. The inlay is beveled at the edges to blend in seamlessly with your bathtub and comes in standard white or bone colors. If needed the fiberglass inlay may be refinished in any color to match your fixture.

Instructions are included to help you further support the bathtub floor with foam if needed. Thousands of satisfied customers have used the Permanent Fiberglass Cracked Bathtub Floor Repair Inlay Kit over the years saving them over $1000 in replacement cost. Free shipping is included in 48 United States by the Bathtub Refinishing Referral Network.

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