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Forget what you are being told by the Obama administration when it comes to Medicare. The fact is Obama’s plan for medicare reform will cost retirees and baby boomers money in increased fees and premiums. Seniors making $85,000 a year and married couples making over $170,000 are going to be seeing an increase in fees and premiums if the President is re-elected.

Around 15 percent of seniors in higher income ranges will see an immediate increase in medicare premiums and in 20 years that percentage increase to 25 percent. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation seniors making $86,000 a year will see an increase in their premiums of $447 by 2017 and those making over $170,000 will pay and additional $890.

Increased fees like deductibles for office visit will effect all medicare patients included baby boomers who will see a $25 increase in their deductibles. Even AARP is not happy with the shifts in medicare that the President is proposing that will become effective when the Affordable Care Act takes effect in 2014 that also include taxing medical equipment and devices paid for by all seniors.

The Obama administration has falsly attacked Mitt Romney’s plan that will reform medicare so the program will be sustained through the year 2026 as a voucher program when in fact Romney’s plan calls for increasing the choices for seniors that will lower costs through competition. The administrations claim that seniors who are currently on medicare will see their premiums rise under Romney’s plan is
also not true.

Romney’s medicare plan will not effect any senior currently on medicare or those under the age of 55. Romney’s plan also saves the $716 billion that will be raided by the Obama administration to help fund Obamacare. Over time Obama’s medicare plan will increase premiums for all seniors regardless of income due to restrictions and cuts designed into the new law. Many services that are currently available for seniors under medicare will be re-evaluated under Obama’s Affordable Care Act.


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