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Union supporters of President Barack Obama and over 1600 companies nationwide have received waivers and will not have to comply with the mandates of the Affordable Care Act. While every individual American family must purchase healthcare or be fined up to a $1000 due to this new tax starting the first year of the program, why are these exemptions allowed.

Starting in 2014 when the Affordable Care Act goes into full effect, millions of union members like those in the United Federation of Teachers, Teamsters Local 522 (NY), and SEIU Local 300 (NY) will not be required to purchase healhcare insurance for the first year of Obamacare. Over 1600 companies, many of them Fortune 500 will also be exempt.

The loss of revenue which is in the billions will then have to be paid with taxpayer dollars. The Affordable Care Act is funded by the individual mandate which requires all Americans to purchase healthcare insurance or be fined. Taxpayers are paying so unions that support the President and companies don’t have to and this is not fair.

List of Unions Exempt From The Affordable Care Act

Partial List Of Exempt Companies

President Obama has often stated “Everyone should pay their fair share” except for these special few hand picked to receive a break most Americans are not getting. Republicans in congress and Mitt Romney agree that healthcare must be reformed but without the breaks for special interest groups under Obamacare.

The push by republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act if Mitt Romney is elected President is so true reforms can be instituted without government control or intrusion that allow this sort of Favoritism.


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