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Your dog or cat being sold on Craigslist may end up in the hands of an animal abuser. The Marion County Oregon Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating reports that some animals offered on Craigslist as “Free To Good Home” are being used for target practice and then being posted on Facebook.

The Marion County Oregon Sheriff is asking anyone that may have information or photos of the animal abuse to call their tip line at 503-540-8079 or email Mark Ferron at Mferron@co.marion.or.us to anonymously provide information in this on-going investigation.

Anyone posting pets for sale, or free to good home are asked to get identification of the purchaser including the name, address and phone number before selling or giving an animal away free advertised on Craigslist. This same abuse of animals may not be limited to Marion County Oregon and all pet owners should be aware of who they are giving their pets to.

Animal abuse is a crime. If you suspect animal abuse in your neighborhood please report it to your local police department immediately. You can also report animal abuse or neglect to the Oregon Humane Society http://www.oregonhumane.org/.

Author: Medfordcitysearch.com

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