Local Oregon News Headlines

A 2-year-old boy is recovering at the hospital after two of his fingers were severed by an escalator at the Washington Square Mall, according to ...

A Portland non-profit is submitting a plan to the city to get rid of the geese that hang around Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is extending a surcharge of 50 cents per bottle for another two years.

Police said they think that Nicole Laube was targeted by someone who knew enough about her to know she was working at the Timber Creek Apartments i...

Investigators say the shooting of two people in the parking lot of a Salem restaurant was a result of gangs fighting.

The governor posted a video on YouTube Thursday morning, showing him dumping a bucket of ice on his head.

A man was killed in a head-on crash in North Albany involving a driver who is now facing charges including manslaughter and DUII.
A Washington man who recently closed on a home in Northeast Portland was shocked to find a family had recently moved in and changed the locks.
A teen told police he was running on the shoulder of the road with his high school cross country team when he was hit in the back with the dart.
A toddler was injured after getting his hand caught in escalator at the Washington Square food court.
Marie Berry is accused of using Car2Go as her getaway vehicle after she committed robberies.
The body of a 45-year-old Aloha man was discovered off Highway 551 between Wilsonville and Aurora on Aug. 11. No suspects have been identified.
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