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An article by the Washington Times exposed an email from the Obama administration that seemed to direct the Animal And Plant Health Inspection Service to make the Sequester cuts as painful as possible. In the email Charles Brown asked if he could try and spread out the cuts to the APHIS in his area to minimize the impact. Brown said he was directed by the Obama administration not to do anything that would lessen the impact of the cuts they had warned congress about.

The email went on to say that congress was notified that federal assistance under APHIS would be eliminated in 24 states unless those states came up with their own funding for wildlife management and aquaculture and that Mr. Brown could manage that anyway he wanted to as long as it did not contradict the impact voiced by the Obama administration.

Basically the email was directing Brown to make the cuts hurt. A day before the Sequester was to take effect republicans submitted a bill to congress that would have given President Obama the authority to lessen the impact of the Sequester by choosing which federal programs to cut. That bill was not passed by the democratic majority in the senate on direction from the president.

Republicans are questioning why President Obama would not want to have that authority. In light of this email it seems the Obama administration may be posturing and using the Sequester cuts to give democrats leverage during the upcoming debt cieling debates later this month. Could it be that the Obama administration wants the cuts to be painful to put pressure on republicans? If this is the case Americans should be outraged.


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